Sucre Solution a young and dynamic company whose employees work with respect, integrity and professionalism


In 2017 the company Sucro Can changed the owner and became Sucre Solution Inc., sugar cane transformer. Investments and improvements make us progress a lot since.

We import conventional and organic sugar directly from South America and transform them into liquid or granulated sugar.

Our customers

Our products are destinated to companies who work in the food transforming industry. Our customers produce all kind of different products like juices, chocolate, wine, liquors or pastry for example.

A question of quality

Thanks to our qualified and experienced team we offer high quality products and a solid customer service.

Ideal geographical location

Located at Trois-Rivières between Montréal and Québec, we serve easily in the province of Quebec and surroundings.

Collaboration with our customers means a lot to us! We search to obtain a sustainable relationship and a win-win situation with them.

Will be a pleasure to work with you !

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